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The Target – Dmitry Dobrynin´s Rock Program

«The Target» is one of three radio transmissions presented by Dmitry Dobrynin, it goes on the air on Monday at 21:10 on the Radio Russia waves.

The program was broadcasted for the first time in May 2004 at 21:10 (Moscow Time) on the Radio Russia waves.  The transmission lasted for 30 minutes. Then this time was increased to about 45 minutes (a formal hour). The program was entitled “The Rock Target” until 2008, and then it was decided to rename a transmission into “The Target” due to the legal reasons. The radio broadcast consists of some rubrics which are changed sometimes, it means the transmission is not strictly limited but in the same time The Target keeps its permanence in spite of any modifications. Every program presents the information about different rock bands (it means practically all the different representatives of the rock scene from the classical rock and rock’n’roll to the grindcore and other extreme styles), the latest news from the hard music world. They also pay attention to the world history, religion, mythology and literature. Practically every emission contains a story related to the events of the world history connected with the current week. The listeners also are informed on the recent bands’ releases and on the most important concerts. The listeners’ letters are paid a separate attention. Some questions are read on the air. Some emissions are consecrated to the listeners’ letters. The replies are given with the help of the letters and of the music.

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