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The High Voltage – Dmitry Dobrynin´s Rock Program

«The High Voltage» is the last program launched on the air by Dmitry Dobrynin.

The High Voltage is broadcasted every Sunday at 19:35 on the Radio Russia waves. Earlier a half an hour emission of the Rock Target was broadcasted on that day but then it was decided to launch a new program. The main purpose of the transmission is to get the listeners acquainted with the definite currents in rock music, with the themes of the lyrics and with the bands which prefer to choose special topics for their lyrics. Usually three or four songs are presented in the program.

In spite of some similarity in the programs’ themes each transmission plays its own role. E.g., sometimes it is impossible to tell in The Target Rock Program about the stylistics of this or that genre. Then this information is given in The High Voltage. In some emissions the attention is paid to the Russian and the world holidays. Such emissions get the listeners acquainted with the history of the holidays and with the relation to them of the rock and metal musicians. Since January 9, 2012 The High Voltage Program became consecrated entirely to the requests of the radio listeners.

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