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Dear Friends,
On the threshold of the upcoming holidays – February 23rd (Defender of the Fatherland Day) and March 8 (International Women’s Day) we offer you to participate in the photo competition on our web-site. Upon the results of these contest two winners – the Metal King and the Metal Queen will be chosen. We are sure that many of our listeners do not limit themselves only by listening to rock and metal music. To belong completely to this music world many of you create special images with the help of clothes, make-up and by other means. If you have this kind of photos where you are presented in interesting, unusual, bright and distinctive appearance connected with the world of rock and metal music – during a concert, at home, in the open air – or in any other aspect, please place such photos on our web-site. Our listeners will choose the winners of this competition by voting. We ask you to be correct and polite while commenting the photos. Consider that different people have different opinions. The listeners which will get the most of you votes will be named as the Metal King and the Metal Queen. We will summarize the results of this competition after March 8th and will inform you about them in one of our programs. You may place you photos with the help of the form situated below. You may vote with the help of the "+" and "-" buttons.


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ирина 28.01.2013 15:14

Это я с Ромой перед концертом Кипелова в Волгограде.

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